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Do you want to enjoy fantastic communication with your kids?


As a parent, do you ever find yourself in a situation where nothing works?

Do you find yourself stumped or confused about what you should do to get your children to behave?

Do you ever feel like your life is out of control?


Being a father of three, I know how frustrating it can be to try to restore order when the kids are bouncing off the walls. It gets particularly aggravating when there’s the added pressure of getting someplace on time or when you’re desperately trying to finish a task.

You see your crying toddler or your indifferent teenager and experience a mounting sense of anxiety. The clock keeps on ticking and now your brain has gone into panic mode. Before long, you're frothing at the mouth and your veins are popping out. You clench your fists and resort to the very last method that you know of to get your kids to listen: you start yelling your head off.

But how does it make you really feel when you look back at it a few hours later after you've calmed down? Is this the kind of parent you always wanted to be?

As a parent myself, I know what it feels like to be at the end of your rope. Looking after three energetic boys can be a handful. There were times when I felt utterly helpless watching chaos reign supreme in the house: the older boy running amok, the living room in a state of utter dismay, and the dinner burnt to a crisp while my wife and I tried to calm our youngest two. This is not the kind of childhood that I want my children to have, I remember thinking to myself.

I knew something needed to change. I didn't want to keep shouting to be heard. I didn't want to feel exhausted and on edge all the time. I didn't want my boys to look back on their childhood and only have memories of harried parents who were too busy to spend time with them.

As a parent, you are the window to the world for your children. How you interact with them in their early years determines the course of their lives. 101 Ways of Speaking to Your Child is a parenting manual that teaches you how to create a loving and nurturing relationship with your children.

In it, you will learn about

  • What communication is

  • Self Analysis

  • Being a good role model

  • Staying Calm

  • How your child speaks

  • How your child hears

  • Responding to challenging situations

  • Staying Mindful


So with this book, you too can learn how to improve your communication with your child even if you think you’ve already tried everything.


If you want to enjoy fantastic relationships with your kids then you will want this book!

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