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Do you want to help your child raise motivation, reduce anxiety and prepare for a wonderful life?


Sam and Jo are parents who are passionate about learning, unlearning, and relearning whatever will help them become the best parents to their kids. They are dedicated to raising their children to become adults who enjoy a beautiful life. They have implemented lots of ideas and strategies gleaned from books, podcasts, and even social media.


Still, one term has become a hard nut to crack, and they are confident that if they get it right, it can positively impact their kid's life forever. 

What is this term? It is "Growth Mindset!" 


Instinctively they know that there is a link between a positive mindset and doing well in life And the Stanford University School of Medicine agrees with them, recently finding that there is indeed a clear and demonstrable link between a positive attitude and academic achievement.

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As a parent, irrespective of your marital status or the number of children you have, you can relate to Sam and Jo’s experiences shared above. You might be worried about the time your children spend playing Xbox and how they consistently scroll through various pages on social media and engage in other activities that don't encourage a growth mindset.


Or you might have noticed that your kids always procrastinate tasks and seem unconcerned about the consequences of their actions. Of course, children will sometimes act laidback until they are prompted to get things done, but parents do become worried when it becomes a repetitive pattern. 


Above all, you want your kids to develop a positive mental attitude, a “can do” attitude so that they have a fantastic and highly fulfilling life.

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Fortunately, you are considering buying this book, and that means you are about to gain access to the ideas, strategies, and practical steps which will help you raise a motivated child. A motivated child will also be one with minimal to zero bouts of anxiety, which means you can prepare them for a beautiful life. 

In this book, you will discover

  • What “Growth Mindset” mean

  • How to become the best role model 

  • How to fostering the Grown Mindset in your Child

  • How to “Taking the hits” 

  • How to help a particularly reluctant child

  • How to Set Goals 

  • How to address particular Problems 

  • How to keep this all going through the different stages


It is easy for me to relate to your fears and pain points as a parent because I am also a father of three children. I have worked in the education sector for 25 years, so I know it feels like to see children battle anxiety and a lack of motivation. I understood early on that to help my children develop a growth mindset, I needed to be open to different parenting ideas and techniques. 


The growth mindset has helped instill an empowering sense of discipline, commitment to tasks, and my children's motivation. Having attained impressive results, I wrote this book to share my experiences that will help many parents. Developing an excellent relationship with your children matters deeply to me. You will be drawing from my many years of experience and expertise from both my personal and professional encounters. 


So with this book you too can learn how to help your child raise motivation, reduce anxiety and prepare for a wonderful life even if you think you’ve already tried everything.


If you want to really help and prepare your child for the world ahead of them, you will want this book

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