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Let’s Work Together Conversation Structure

Thank you for accessing this simple framing for how you might want to structure the conversation from Day 5 of Let’s Work Together. This is to support the nurturing and positive conversation to take place today with your child.



The key here is communicating with your child in a way which is easily accessible by them, in a way which enables them to hear what you’re saying, and in a way which is not perceived by them as being unfair or negative in any way.



Some key preparatory questions:

  • Where will you have this conversation?

  • When will you have this conversation?

  • What considerations do you have with their age/level of maturity?

  • How will you reduce potential distractions?

  • How will you ensure that you stay calm?

  • How will you ensure that your child realizes that they are loved and cared for?



Once you have considered these questions, click here for a pdf plan which you can complete.



Remember: I would suggest that you don’t call this a “chat” because that sort of language could minimize the importance of this. This is the first chapter of a completely different feeling within your home. However don’t blow it up into something hugely formal, so don’t “schedule an important discussion” either.

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